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JSK Chemicals Logo Design. by Neel Graphics

JSK Chemicals Logo Design


jsk-chemicals-logoSuccessfully Delivered a Logo Design to Chemical Company Client, Client have a small budget but he was very hopeful and exited because he was starting his own firm in Chemical Business with the name God Lord Krishna. “JSK” full form of this initial is Jay Shri Krishna, Indian – Gujarati People often say this word when they met people, client wants to these initials with some icons which represent his business like some instruments which used in chemical business, so we have researched for some colors that we can use for this requirement and at the end we finalized Magenta Color theme for this project and also visited client’s office for some knowledge about instruments which used in their business and draw some ruff drawings of equipment and then we come to this output…

Client was very happy to get his company’s Logo in his budget and time limit.